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 A simple letter

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PostSubject: A simple letter   Mon Jan 29, 2007 5:39 pm

Worlds End Tavern, Outland

I was never much of a speaker, nor much of a writer so if my words seem clumsy bare with me.

Some of you I know, some of you I consider friends. Some I know only by reputation and some but by their name or through a brief encounter. Others, others are but passers by in a dark night.
Still for all of us, despite our differences, Outland represents a new chance, a new beginning and a shot at a better tomorrow. That is the one thing we share in common.

The individual is strong. A lone wolf can fend for himself and fight to stand his ground. Yet he’ll never be as strong as those who run with the pack, because the pack offers more than just strength, it offers protection, friendship, allies.
That is what I seek.
I do not seek to lead, nor do I believe any of you seek to be lead. But I seek that strength which can only be found through union.

It is not asked that you follow a given set of rules or laws as long as the grey zone in which you might travel does not protrude into darkness. I do not expect everyone to call each other friends, nor to love one another, for those are things which only the heart can give.
What I expect though is loyalty and respect, and in that way give a network for each and every one who heed this message to fall back on in times of need. For enemies, old and new, exists here as well as in Azeroth and that is something which no magic can ever change.

If we wish to survive, we need people to watch our back, to be by our side and to lend us their sword when all diplomacy fails and we’re left with but our will to live. We need people who will be loyal and who we can trust to always be there.

Is it asking for much?
Maybe so, but the rewards if we succeed will be precious beyond words. Where as the penalty for failing will hurt more than any dagger or sword.

In the end the choice is left to each and every one of you wether you choose one path or another, though I know what lays in my heart and I know what I wish for when I close my eyes and think of tomorrow.

I have made my choice.
Now all that is left, is for you to make yours.

-Azure, the Twilight Blade-
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A simple letter
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