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 A letter for Lyta

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PostSubject: A letter for Lyta   Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:49 am

A letter sent to the last known adress of Hogan

I am sitting here. lonely as in the old times.
I actually chuckled. The Light knows that it was a long time since I last did that.
Anyway, its funny what you think about when the end is drawing close, friends passed and gone. Treacheries and plots. Hope and dreams.
The life Ive led has been eventful to say the least, Ive scorned many and many has scorned me. It feels like I didnt give the best of impressions the last time we saw each other, Hogan. For that I am deeply embarassed, but I couldnt have acted any other way.
Im sorry for the ink stains, you must excuse me, my palms are sweaty and my hands are shaking. This is what it has come down to. A single letter, with a plea that Derianine so brutally tossed back in my face.

I am setting off on a travel, and I cannot say when I will be able to return, or even if I will return again. I am heeding a calling, a soft whispering in my head that bids me to a far away land. I dearly hope it will not be the last of me, but today I cannot say what the future will bring.
Hogan, this is my plea. Seek out a young Elf, whom Ive abandoned in the streets of Stormwind, and tell her that I am sorry for the pain Ive caused her and the treason I committed against her and her family. Tell her that the sparing of her life was at the same the most sweet and the most brutal Ive ever done against another sentient being. Oh, how I wish her sister had not raised that spear against me! So much could have been different!
As it is, she is alive.
Her name is Advanoriamus, I do not know anything more.
Words cannot tell the pain her fate has caused me.

I must leave, they are waiting.
Drubnubjagr Indrom
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PostSubject: Re: A letter for Lyta   Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:28 pm

Dear Drubnubjagr

I am afraid our short time together did not leave much room to get aqquainted, and it seems the future does not wish for it either. I will see if I can trace down this woman as part of my new job within the walls. Should I come across her, I will let her know of your words.

I wish you all well in the far or adventures, and may you journey safely.


Lady Hogan
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A letter for Lyta
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