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 Recruitment stop

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PostSubject: Recruitment stop   Wed Apr 04, 2007 1:03 pm

As the heading says we've decided to put a halt to recruitment for now.
The guild has grown to such a size that its high time we evaluate our goals and see where to take it from here.

In all honesty the Vagabonds was a guild made with a group of friends in order to enjoy the game together. This has always been the guilds primary goal. With other needs such as raiding arising the guild has seen a shift of focus and growth to cope with this need. Right now it feels as if many of the members hardly know eachother, nor interact or cooperate. This trend is exactly counterproductive to the guilds original goal and this is why change is needed.

Time to take action, the first step was taken with this recruitment stop, others will follow.
We'll keep you up to date on the forums.

- Yuber
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Recruitment stop
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