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PostSubject: Sanctuary   Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:35 pm

Standing at the tall window in the magetower, an unfolded letter in her hands, she was looking out towards the mountains to the northeast.Towards their hiding.

Why had she come here? Possibly because it had the best view, and there was no time to pay another visit of such personal caracter to their sanctuary. She needed to see it again, and even on a distance her memory provided sufficient images, and as she stared up towards the peaks her mind envisioned the roaring waterfalls and the careless laughter floating without reason across the surface of the water. Innhaling calmly, she stepped back to let the heavy curtain fall across the view of the landscape. She folded the letter, with great care as always, she had dwelled long enough already.

'Dwell at beauty but not for to long. you might wreck it'. His reasoning had always made sence to her. What he ment was how even unchangeing beauty turned horrid if you let yourself soar at the feet of its dreams. Silly really, thoose who did that, unrealistic. And once you had gotten lost in your ridiculous fantasies, when you forgot its simplistic nature, it would not look the same to you anymore. Enjoy beauty, but never let it enjoy you. Tricky things.

"You were a fine officer Montrell," she murmured as she slipped the folded letter into a pocket at the side of her belt.
If she would manage to hold the nature of her jouneys beyond the portal private, was left to see. But the letter provided an oportunity to enhance her personal goals.

Just what she needed.
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