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 The book of the lifesinger

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PostSubject: The book of the lifesinger   Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:35 am

OOC: First rp text writen for wow :p used in seraphim nocturnus.

A story about my father Maldon Lifesinger part 1

He was just standing there, in his simple farming clothes and a hat to shade for the sun.
His stance was that of a warrior of many ages, and his eyes had the look of a general looking over the soon to be battelground, where the armys of the night elfs would face its evil and savage enemys, blood will be spilled and blood will keep the soil wet for days to come, and the crows would feast upon the corpses that lay there, but still he had only one thing to say for it “duty to be done for the sake of life”

To know the man you would have to know his history, first time he killed something was so long ago, before the humans where born to life, before the alliance was made, before they came here to kalimdor.
At the time when the burning legion first landed on this world.

He was nothing but a simpel soldier in training, training to be just another part of the army, not a part of the sentinels, not a part of any elite groups, just a body with armour, shield and sword.
He said it was when his officer was killed by a demon of massive power that all changed, he rallied the men with an old song of life, and he did not stop singing until evry one was with him fighting and singing, he alone turned a flee of terror into a propper and safe retreat for the soldiers, and from that day on he was the leader of more and more men, until one day he stood in front of a army of great numbers and strengt, and held is speach for victory.

“Soldiers of life, of friendship, my friends, for many years we have stood in battel, victory and loss, attacking or defending, an all out sieg or a sneak attack, but this day! This day of battel will be like you never before have fought in. I have only one thing to ask of you, look inside yourself, and find that power you never have tought to have before and find that will to live, for this my friends is the making of the history of life”

And the army charged the enemy with a strenght and unity hardly seen before, and there was song, a song full of victory, love and spirit, and there was total victory, one the turning points of the war, and from there on there was nothing but pure victory for the night elfs as they drowe the legion back to the place they came from.

He looked at me and he said “You know Seryena, this could make a great farm land one day, and that is this day”

Seryena Lifesinger
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The book of the lifesinger
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