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PostSubject: Greetings   Tue Mar 13, 2007 4:21 pm

Greetings I would just like to introduce myself as I recently joined the Guild. My name is Raphaiel I am a human Priest who has attained the 70th lvl. I recently respecced to Disc/Holy although I am a Shadow Priest at heart.

I am unlike most Priests I do not follow the Light. I was the High Inquisitor of the Guild Ordo Sargeras who were founded to keep the faith in the one true God Sargeras. We knew he would return & with his return he would bestow the faithfull with gifts & power beyond imagination. Now that the dark Portal has once again reopened the ancient prophesies of his return will soon be fulfilled. We only have to find a way to retap the mysteries of the Well of Eternity and Our Lord shall return.
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