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PostSubject: Drubnub   Wed Mar 07, 2007 5:36 pm

Chapter One.
The Voice of Command

The morning was quiet and the journey had been long.
Drubnub gazed over the small village, and pondered the options. Had he done all that was possible to execute the Plan? The horn had been blown, and the forces were gathering, yet he felt sadness that they were so few. Would he really be able to succed?

He abruptly awoke from his day dreaming at the sound of light feet.
”Drubnub, do you still fear the future?” The voice was clean as the morning and sharp as a knife.
”I do, Mother, but I do only fear that I will fail you.” Drubnub felt the damp mindcloud he had grown accustomed to again.
”Do not fear failure, I have chosen you of a reason. You will rise to be my greatest Champion!” The voice shifted, now icy as a northern wind. ”But I can not afford you to be here. I have a task for you.”
Drubnub could only feel the pounding of his heart and the fog that clouded his vision. He heard himself from a great distance.
”I will obey”
”Good. I have chosen another, someone close to you. He must be mine!”
Drubnub felt ill at the following words, but could do nothing more than bow his head to the inevitable. The icy voice continued for another minute, but Drubnub lost track of what was being said.

When the voice went silent, Drubnub repeated the words now so familiar that he did not know where he had learned them.
”The Blood commands, the Flesh obeys. The Master is my Father, as The Mistress is my Mother. The Chain must not be Broken!”

Drubnub heard faint steps that softly disappeared. He shook his head, took up his sword and mounted. As he rode, he had but two thoughts. Stormwind. Daishar.
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PostSubject: Re: Drubnub   Wed Mar 07, 2007 5:37 pm

Chapter Two: Growing Numbers

As Azure and Wulfgau had left the table, Drubnub and Daishar continued the discussion.
Soon enough, Drubnub had convinced Daishar that he indeed gave the correct line of events, as well of his undisputable honor.
"Now that you know of the truth, do you trust me enough to be able to keep a secret?" Drubnubs voice was lower that usual, he seemed afraid that someone was listening.
"Of course, my friend. I give you my word that no secret will pass my lips." Daishar had noticed the sudden tension of Drubnub.
Drubnub leaned over the table and whispered in a low voice for a couple of minutes, and Daishars face grew more and more serious.
"Of course, Drubnub! That would indeed be a honor! I will join this order you are speaking about, and I will follow you on your quest!"

Darkness. The smell of cinder. The thundering of fire. Daishar remembered nothing of the long travel, his eyes blindfolded since leaving Stormwind.

Light. Daishars blinked at the sudden flash when the blindfold was removed. He looked around, and found himself in a great mountain cave of jet black stone. The floor was trembling by distant beats, and the air was hot and damp.
Suddenly he was pushed forward by a gauntlet hand, and he fell to the floor. He quickly rose and found himself in a circle of what appeared to be monks in flowing red robes with a dark veil over their faces. He saw Drubnub turn his back on him, and walk away without saying a single word. He soon disappeared in the shadows.
As soon as Drubnub was out of sight, the monks started a hymn with ancient words, and a mist started to evaporate from the floor, taking the form of a humanoid with female lines. She raised a cup to Daishar, filled with red liquid.
Daishar, stunned by the moment, took the cup and emptied it quickly, trying not to taste the metal of blood.

A garden. A tatched house, and a lovely wife. Daishar's children was playing in the orchard, and Dai enjoyed the quiet life of a simple peasant.

In the cave, Daishars body hit the floor with a thud, cracking his nose to the hard surface. The spirit closed in at him.

Dara. Oh, how he loved the name of Dara. He had met her at the market a few years ago, and asked her father of her hand as soon as he had met him. Oh, the lovely memories.
Daishar fondly took Dara's hands in his and gave her a warm smile.

The spirit dissipated into a shapeless cloud, and entered Daishars body through his mouth and nostrils.

The garden started to spin, mixing both voices and sounds together.

Daishars body rose from the floor and knelt.

Flames! Flames consumed all that he held dear! The orchard, his wife and his beloved children!

With a voice that sounded empty, Daishar spoke.
"The Blood commands, the Flesh obeys. The Master is my Father, as the Mistress is my Mother. The Chain must not be Broken!

Daishar shook his head. Something important had happened, he just did not know what. He remembered... an orchard... No, that could not be it. He looked around and realised that he was in Goldshire, of all places!
He turned to his friend and asked:
"Drub, what happened last night? My memory seems a bit dizzy."
Drubnubs voice was heavy with sorrow as he responded.
"Nothing, Dai, you just had too much to drink."

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PostSubject: Re: Drubnub   Wed Mar 07, 2007 7:03 pm

Exelent stuff! keep it comming Very Happy Sounds like a harsh cult, will be interesting to see where this is going!
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PostSubject: Re: Drubnub   Thu Mar 08, 2007 5:37 pm

Chapter Three: Severed Connections

A jolt of pain then silence. Something was amiss in the very foundations of Drubs psyche. A vein that no longer throbbed with life.

Drubnubs eyes shone with panic. His eyes burned, his lungs was gasping for air that was nowhere to be found.

The creature let loose of the vein when it could no longer nurture from it. It started to search for a new source, clawing itself through the soft tissue.

Drub rose quickly, whilst trying to stop the flood of blood that came through his nose and ears.

Finding nothing more than crumbles of suitable food, the creature started to evolve.

The burning of the eyes had stopped, but been replaced by a sense of pressure. Even though it would normally cause tremendous pain, Drub didnt notice it whilst he was banging his head against the floor in uncontrolled spasms.

Finally done, the egg settled deep down and waited.

Drubnubjagr slept...
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PostSubject: Re: Drubnub   Thu Mar 15, 2007 2:29 am

Chapter Five: Taking Notes

A piece of parchment from the Diary of Drub, reads:

The echoes of voices, the screams of madmen. Never ending, forever taunting.
The bodies of people long passed walking, a whisper in the dark.

The terror, the pain, the misery. Nothing will ever take away the greasy feeling of my skin! How will I ever be able to stand this? How will I survive?

The scent of a woman, now forgotten. The perfume of sweet memories and the tune of a long lost lullaby. The eyes that shine in the dark.

Today it came again, a creeping feeling of something amiss. Something important that I should possess, something I once held dear.

Why cant it stop? Why do I still do these horrible acts? I do not know. Say me, stranger, am I sane?

A desecrated altar, the bodies of priests, loyal followers of the Light. Myself and a Warlock performing a summoning ritual. The blood of innocents drying on my hands, my face.

A flash of light, and a rocking sensation. A threachery most foul! A friend with empty eyes and hollow voice.

A naked body, once alive. Once full of hope and vivid dreams! Now a empty husk, a feast for the worms.

Why? Why do I play this part?
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