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 *Poster* The Riots Continue

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PostSubject: *Poster* The Riots Continue   Tue Feb 20, 2007 12:56 pm

*On the walls of Stormwind Keep, and the surrounding walls of the stockades, fresh posters carrying the seal of the Stormwind guards adorn the stone. They read:*

Citizens of stormwind, the riots have broken out once again.

On sunday night, on the eighteenth day of the second month, another wave of riots broke out in the cells below ground. What startet as a fire rapidly turned into a fresh uproar from the inmates, leaving several victims in their way. So far the riot has taken the life of two inmates and seven guards, and it is still uncertain what started the fire in one of the southern cells. In the following panic of the inmates, and the outbreaking fistfights, several convicts managed to escape their holding

Theese are the men missing from the stockades:

Daoral Mervin - Human male, medium tall, bald, pale blond beard
Marvour Hanitret'en - Dwarf male, small of growth, heavy red beard and hair. pericings in both eyebrows
Loretta Nightsong - Human young female, tall figure, short black hair, vertical scar over right eye,
Tarmik Lauren - Human male, tall, blond curly hair, missing three fingers on right hand
Eldurin Dorados'no - Nightelf male, tall muscular form, long blue hair
Simeon Tilran - Human elder male, short plumb figure, missing both front teeth, short white hair
Sąchestle Sora - Nightelf female, regular height, short green hair, and clawlike tatoo down her eyes.

As the stormwind guards are still working on retaining control, we ask the citizens to do your part in refusal to shelter any escapees, and report to your local guards immediately should you see any of the above names. Any convict brought back will cash a substancial reward.
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*Poster* The Riots Continue
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