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 Caution - To all Vagabonds

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PostSubject: Caution - To all Vagabonds   Sun Feb 11, 2007 2:44 am

*Ic letter delivered to all Vagabonds*

Hogan here

I wish to send out a warning about a few individuals that might pose a threat to some of our affiliates, and hope that you will all be attentive should the need for backup arise.

I want to warn, in the strongest sence, about the following people:

Lysle Draknar = Scoundrel and scumbag extraordinaire. Althou he is missing an arm, and looks more harmless than the begger behind stormwind auctionhouse, he has a dangerous network of contacts. And he is more than prepared to use it. Draknar has lately had a dark eye focused on one of ours, Derithor Derianine, and caution is adviced. This dog will surely run you over if he gets a chance

Melfeena Everly = Weaver of the demonic, no current organisation. This woman has on several occasions tried to injure some of the current memebrs of the vagabonds, and is known to occasionally be under demonic control. Caution adviced.

Jane -unknown- = Former head of the criminal organisation, the Southwater Cartel, adoptive daughter of Maelmoor and lover to Etarios Shadestrider ( former dark lord of the sphere) She is currently a councillor within the stormwind council, and seems to be on a good track. She has however been known to cause several deaths within organisations that some of us have been in prior to the Vagabonds. She has recently been observeed with a man guarding her, by the name of Nathen Soulblaze, former follower of the sphere as well.

Etarios Shadestrider = Former dark lord of the sphere. Brutal and ruthless in his past, also seeming to fall into a more passive track, but beware that this man can catch you in any business deal and keep you locked for life. strong caution adviced!

I will try to add to this list, and send it out regularly. Please not that this is in no way a "wanted" list. It is just a word of precaution when dealing with theese individuals.


(( start adding names with info! anyone that has or is a threat or concern to your char ( and is not within the vagabonds) can be added! ))
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Caution - To all Vagabonds
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