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 Fakerix and Syro.

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PostSubject: Fakerix and Syro.   Wed May 02, 2007 1:44 pm

He ran across the grass, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. Everything was harmony; he went to the small lake nearby and washed his hands. He walked into his house and looked around. He smirked and went upstairs to look for Asilia. She was lying on the bed and waiting for him. She stood up and walked closer, then kissed him. He closed his eyes and felt new life flow through him. When he opened his eyes he saw Asilia as a zombie, she was pointing at him, "It's your fault! YOU let me die!" he was terrified he ran out of the room as his heart was bumping fast and faster. On the way down the stairs he fell...

In a shock he awoke, the fear was crippling all over him and he shivered. He ran through the waters, crying. He fell and was flushed down a small waterfall and onto the grass. His thoughts were going on and on "It's my fault. I could've saved her. How could I let her die?" He felt the pain overwhelm him again; he smashed his hand a few times against a rock. The pain was increased and the sharp stone had cutted a wound into his wrists.
Silent, he held the other hand down his pocket, and suddenly felt something. He took it out and saw it was Asilia's ring. He listened to his own heartbeat, he grabbed around the ring and felt the rage become stronger inside him. His thoughts was scattered but focused, he WANTED revenge. He grabbed a stone and threw it far away, as his wrists were tightened; he heard the bone twisting, as he cackled. A scream suddenly pierced the air. He looked around, and saw a woman, her body was lightly built, and her hair was blue. She was wearing some soft of dress, and she had 4 scars across her face. They both stared eachother down, as she suddenly walked closer, but kept a hand on her mace. She said softly: "Are... Are you a monster?" He walked closer to her and bonked her noggin. She yelled: "Aww! What was that for you!?" "Calling me a monster isnít really a compliment, miss" He said. She looked even more terrified now, and said very quietly: "Ca... Can you speak?" He held his head down his hands and shaked it. She looked at him, and was clearly confused of what he was or where he came from. But she was too shy to ask not to mention her fear towards his new creature. She looked all over him, and spotted all the wounds he had on his body. He didn't move, just peered around for something, but he didn't know what it was. "What are you?" she said, but fast putted both her hands on the mouth. He grinned and said: "Im an Eredar, a servant of Velen." She looked surprise, as she did not think he would answer. Both were watching eachother in silence. Fakerix felt the wind howling through the air and piercing through his clothes, as he shivered. He suddenly giggled and so did she, the air became sinister and he kneeled down still looking around. She watched him, as she admired him. He asked her: "Where am I?" She grinned at him, "Youíre at Darkshore ofcourse, where did you think you were?" He sighed, "I thought I was still in my tempest keep wing called Exodar. At least I passed out there." She looked at him and suddenly she said: "Im Syro." He looked at her with confusion in his look. Then smiled and started walking along the coast. She followed him, she did not know why she did, but it was like she was drawn with him. He channelled some energy pulses through his hands and shapeshiftened into a wolf. She took a step back, now she was really terrified. She had only seen those powers been used by the Horde. He sniffed the air around him, then shapeshiftened back, and asked: "What's wrong?" She was terrified, anyhow she heard herself ask: "Are you a horde?" Now Fakerix got confused as well. He replied: "If you tell me what it is, then I will have larger chance of answering." He sighed. "When I shapeshift, jump up on my back and hold on tight, but if you'll grab by tale Iíll bite you. He pulsed the energies through his hands and shapeshifted again. She moved slowly towards him and sat as soft as possibly on his back. He growled and started running; she held on tight to him and giggled as he ran across the sands. Suddenly he stopped and looked into the skies then growled and ran towards the waters, she yelled: "NO! Not in the water! I dont want to be wet!" She closed her eyes, as she was waiting for them to land in the water. But it never came, so she opened the eyes again and realised they were running on the water. She cheered and hugged Fakerix. Fakerix was confused again so he just kept running. Syro was defintly euphoria and she enjoyed the ride now. Fakerix ran for a long time, with no breaks, and he could see Syro was tired and bored. His thoughts were only placed on finding the other Draeneis. He ran as fast as he could, a feeling of pain was starting to appear in his knee. Syro yelled: "Land ahead!" He ran and ran till he reached the shore, when they reached the shore he collapsed. He shapeshifted back into the original form, and looked at Syro. Syro was like an ice block, she didn't more or says anything. He looked up and saw his comrades; they ran down and helped him up.

<To be continued...> (( I'll write on laters Razz since im far from done... But got RL stuff now ))
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PostSubject: Re: Fakerix and Syro.   Sat May 05, 2007 4:22 pm

Exelent!! absolutely loved it, top stuff! want more Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Fakerix and Syro.   Sat May 05, 2007 9:12 pm

Quote :
He walked closer to her and bonked her noggin. She yelled: "Aww! What was that for you!?" "Calling me a monster isnít really a compliment, miss" He said. She looked even more terrified now, and said very quietly: "Ca... Can you speak?" He held his head down his hands and shaked it.

Heeeeehhehehehehe.... Nice one indeed! Keep it up and let us know what will happen next. I'd love to read on Wink

Me <3 you!
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PostSubject: Re: Fakerix and Syro.   

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Fakerix and Syro.
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