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 *pokes everyone real hard*

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PostSubject: *pokes everyone real hard*   Sun Apr 29, 2007 2:22 am

Hey again everyone!

Now I want to explain why I left, and why Hitter left, since several people started to act strange. Maybe I or Hitter have wrote something in the wrong way (you all know how much Hitters english suck, Im not that good either Razz). Anyway, hope this will make things more clear and straight out the misunderstandings.

I like the people in vagabonds alot, and I never disliked the guild. Its just that the guild changed alot, more and more people joined, the Gchat changed etc etc. I brought that up with Lyta, and got it confirmed that I werent the only one that felt like it was an issue.
I have been playing wow for a long time now, and I love to pvp, pve and raid, when I joined vagabonds I thought it was an nice and friendly guild (was right) and that the guild would start to raid asap. And before I even joined Vagabonds I were truly sick of wow and wanted a change, and just talking shit in the Gchat weren't enough.
So I joined ad infinitum to see if raiding is what I have been searching for. I don't know if you got it wrong when I said bb in the Gchat, or maybe me quitting never were the trigger.

So here comes the next part...

Like me Hitter like the people in vagabonds. And also felt like we werent doing any progress in the guild, so he had thoughts about transferring his character to another server, and he also said that when he left. He nagged me about that I was raiding 2 much and that we didnt do anything together any longer.. And Yesterday we were 1 healer short in Karazhan. And to be exact : He didnt wanted to join the RAID since he werent holy specced and didnt feel like respeccing only cause of 1 raid that wouldent even give him anything. So the guildleader and the paladin CO talked and agreed with eachother to give him a trial.. And ofcourse I want Hitter to be in the same guild, so we can have more time together. So i talked Hitter in to give it a try and join the guild, and as many of you already seen ( since you have been talking about it in guildchat ) he's in the same guild as me now.

If he had left the guild cause of joining the same guild as me, he ofcourse had wrote that. No reason not to..

I hope you all understand now and that it wont be any misunderstanding. If there is something you want to have further explanations about, feel free to write an mail or just whisper me or Hitter in game.

With best wishes

Linnea & Kim
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*pokes everyone real hard*
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